TBT - Italy | Fano - A Coastal Fishing Village

If you’re ever on the east coast of Italy, and you’ve got the chance, you should stop in for a few hours and visit Fano. It’s a charming little fishing town with a great boardwalk and cute pastel coloured homes. We spent two days in the city, but I think you would be able to see it all in one if you wanted to.

The entire time we were there, I wasn’t feeling too well so our first day we just spent some time walking by the water along the pier and I tried to soak in as much salty air from the sea as I could to help me feel better. We also spent some time walking along the streets near the beach and found some rows of houses that were all painted these muted pastel colours. My favourite was this very light teal home with brighter teal shutters and a door. So cute!


After our walk around the beach, we headed back to my aunt and uncles house for a late lunch. This was the lunch where I had the amazing Italian green beans that I posted the recipe for here! They are honestly so so good, especially with fresh rosemary and garlic from their garden. Then we all had a nice siesta, a light dinner followed by some conversation, and then it was off to bed.

Day two, we started off the day with a light breakfast of coffee and biscotti and kind of hung around the house until early morning. Walking around the house, you see all of these paintings that my uncle has done. They are mostly of the harbour and of different bits of nature, but they looked very familiar to me because he had given similar paintings to my Nonnie. They have hung in her house since before I was born and I’ve seen them all my life. It was kind of surreal to actually meet my uncle and see the paintings that were familiar, yet new to met at the same time.

Later in the morning, my parents and I headed to the beach where we actually spent more time on the shore of the beach and spent some time in the gorgeous turquoise waters. I also tried to go for a nice walk along the beach (one of my favourite things to do, and the best way to tan!) but the beach there had a pretty rocky shore, so it was a little hard going for a while. I also ventured in the water at one point and it was so cool and refreshing, but I had to try pretty hard to keep my balance in the strong waves.


We had an easy afternoon with a light dinner and then drove down to the beach with my aunt and uncle to walk along the board walk. We did stop at a small café at one point and got some gelato (obviously). After that it was home to bed to try and rest up and feel better!

Our third day in Fano was all for exploring the city. We actually walked into town which took us almost an hour, but were rewarded with charming little streets, food markets and a piazza. There was also a huge field filled with sunflowers right along the side of the road that my mom was right into.


After our little jaunt into town, it was back to the house to pack up and say our goodbyes. We got in a couple good family photos and made sure that we got one with my uncle and his hen. In Italian they’re called “gallina”. He seemed to really love them and was even able to pick one up!


Overall, we had a really nice time visiting with family and getting to know the area. I had always heard so much about Fano growing up because it’s where my Nonno came from. Being able to actually see the beaches that I had heard and seen (in paintings) was an experience that I’m very grateful for. Also, I think the salty sea air really helped with my cold, because I felt so much better by the end of our stay!

Once we left Fano, we drove South along the coast and headed for another small town called Vieste, so stay tuned for that post and the GORGEOUS photos coming next week!!

xo, tess.


10 responses to “TBT - Italy | Fano - A Coastal Fishing Village”

  1. Tanitha says:

    Great post, Italy has always been on my list and I love going off of actual experiences when planning!

  2. Eileen xo says:

    What a beautiful town - your photos are amazing! I have never visited Italy - I hope to someday! Thank you for sharing

  3. Ashleigh says:

    I love all your pictures! I spent some time on the East coast of Italy last Summer but have not been to Fano. Thank you for sharing your trip!

  4. […] my posts from my trip to Italy, you’ll know that we were just leaving family after visiting Fano. My mom wanted some time to lay and relax on a nice sandy beach (the shore in Fano was very rocky) […]

  5. […] my posts from my trip to Italy, you’ll know that we were just leaving family after visiting Fano. My mom wanted some time to lay and relax on a nice sandy beach (the shore in Fano was very rocky) […]

  6. Awesome photos. Always wanted to visit Italy!

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