Hello readers! I’m so excited to announce that the Angean Etsy shop is FINALLY open! I’ll be selling a number of different watercolour and gouache prints, as well as some originals.

If you’ve been a fan of any of the watercolours that you’ve seen here on the blog, then make sure you set aside some wall space for one of your own!  I’ll be offering a number of different prints in the shop ranging from agate slices (as seen here), perfume bottles (check em out) and shoe illustrations (let me see) to name a few!

I’m also working on expanding my watercolour hexagon series, so that will be added in a little while! The one that is currently in the shop is a piece that I’m going to be using in my gallery wall. It would also be great to do a series of hexagons once I expand my product selection. 

Plus, there is a geometric crystal series that I have been working on that I’m really excited about! That series is done in gouache and is more graphic than the watercolours. I currently have an aquamarine and amethyst prints available. These are probably my favourite series that I have worked on so far. There is a pink crystal that I’m in the process of painting, and that should be added to the shop soon. Other ideas for crystals that are coming soon are inspired by the Pantone colours of the year Rose Quartz and Serenity! 

I’ve given some sneak peaks of the pieces on my Instagram too, so make sure you check there for updates as well!

It’s really exciting that the Etsy shop is finally happening & I hope you guys are just as excited about it as I am 🙂

Visit the shop here!

Looking forward to all of you lovely people owning a piece of Angean in your homes!

xo, tess.