Watercolour Perfume Bottle Paintings

I love love love watercolours lately! So, since I’ve had time off, I’ve been able to experiment with a bunch of different images to paint. I did a couple makeup images for a friend a while ago, which inspired me to look into beauty inspiration for my watercolours. I think when you mix makeup, perfume or images of women with watercolours, the result is a beautiful, delicate and whimsical painting that’s perfect for a bathroom, vanity or walk-in closet area!

Since I have a vanity myself, I’ve been looking for a little something to spruce it up. I started looking to pinterest for inspiration - see my art inspiration board here - and found some great photos to work from. I was mainly inspired by a list of perfumes from the past 15 years and chose 3 of those bottles to recreate.

Since I myself have the Dolce & Gabbana light blue perfume,  I wanted to do that one. I also chose the Dior Addict and the Miss Dior bottles. I chose these ones because they all have square shaped bottles so I felt that they kind of went together. I think I may end up doing another square pink bottle (Chanel perhaps?!) and then have the three pink ones be a set together. I’m looking into selling my prints on Easy so look for that in the near future!

Anyways, here is what I ended up painting:


My cat kept trying to get in the photo and was knocking the painting down in the process. She’s very nosey.

I think the watercolours just make the bottles look so pretty and feminine. I can’t wait to paint more! I’m thinking of painting a few different series of them with colours that work together!

Let me know what you think, or what bottles I should paint next!

xo, tess.

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  1. popshopamerica says:

    These are adorable!

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