Fajita Popcorn

During university, I perfected the art of making fajitas. I would caramelize those onions till they were good and reduced and then marry them with red peppers, chicken and my homemade fajita seasoning. Top that all off with some grated cheddar cheese and a dollop of sour cream and I was in heaven. I still get a little excited every time that I make them. But because we don’t buy cheese or sour cream on the regular, we don’t have them as often as you may think. However, we do always have fajita seasoning, so that lead me to try putting the fajita seasoning on other things as well. That was how fajita popcorn was born.

I don’t remember the exact moment that I came up with putting fajita seasoning on popcorn, but ever since I did, I’ve been as obsessed with fajita popcorn as I am with the actual things themselves.

I used to get home from my office job around 7, so I was starving and wanted something quick for dinner. Fajita popcorn was my go-to for a looong time. Nowadays, I have more time for dinner, but I still like to have it every so often.

I use stove top popcorn because after 3 years of not having a microwave, I refuse to change my method. I also don’t care for all the chemicals and preservatives in the microwave variety.

To make this delicious movie night (or anytime) snack you will need:

1tbsp vegetable oil

1/4cup or so popping corn

11/2 tbsp butter, melted

1 tbsp fajita seasoning

These are estimates, because I never measure anything, but I think they’re pretty close to what I use.

Start by pouring the oil in a fairly large pot with a lid and turn it to medium heat. Add 4 kernels of popping corn and wait for them to pop. Once they have popped, you know that your oil is hot enough and you can add the rest of your popping kernels. Once you have added the remainder of the kernels, put the lid on the top of the pot, leaving a small opening for the steam to escape. While the popcorn is cooking, move the pot in a back and forth motion across the element until the popping has pretty much stopped.

kernels starting to pop

Once the have shut up, transfer your nice fresh popcorn to a large bowl and drizzle half the butter over the popcorn followed by half of the fajita seasoning.


Shake the bowl to get to a naked layer of popcorn and repeat the drizzling of butter and fajita seasoning.

When done, you will have a deliciously spicy yet buttery popcorn just waiting to be eaten. It packs way more flavour than your standard popcorn and is quite the welcome change from the standard butter and salt combo. Or sugar and salt if that’s your thing.


You should definitely try this popcorn for your next movie night, snack, meal, craving etc.

It’s good pretty much any time.


xo, tess.

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