DIY Rose Quartz Crystal Necklace

I have a slight obsession with crystals and anything that is geometric - check out my pinterest here and you’ll see the full extent of my obsession. You may have noticed in my DIY  Book Jewelry Storage post that I already have a set of blue crystal earrings and two crystal pendant necklaces. But why stop there right?! It was time to add another crystal necklace to my collection!

The necklaces that I currently have are both longer, so I wanted one that was a bit shorter in order to be able to wear it for different purposes. So, my friend and I went shopping on Queen West last Friday for the supplies that we would need, and we wound up in a store that had a tone of raw crystals to choose from. It was heaven. We spent a good half hour in the store deciding which stones we would buy, and then picking the hardware to match. I settled on three pieces of rose quartz that were cut into a diamond at the bottom, but left the rest of the stone raw - which I loved. I wanted to be able to wear this necklace with my daily white gold necklace, so I went with white silver hardware. I think the total came to around $10, which was a great price!

Upon returning to my friends house, we began our DIY thanks to the set of jewelry pliers she bought. The process was fairly simple. I bought a metre of the chain just in case I messed up or needed more than I originally anticipated. I ended up only needing about half. In order to figure out the length of chain I needed for the necklace, I just draped the chain around my neck and aligned the end with where I wanted the stones to sit. Then I cut off the piece that I would need and cut that section in half (because I would later be attaching a clasp).

I took an eye hook and opened it slightly to attach the chain and then closed it back up. Next I arranged the stones to my liking, strung them on the eye hook, and attached the second piece of chain to the other side. Then I closed the eye hook using round pliers. To close the eye hook you make a loop similar to the loop that the eye hooks are made with.

Lastly, I attached the clasp and loop to opposite ends of the chain and closed the necklace up. Voila! Here are the finished results: 

I’m really happy with how mine came out! The best part is, because the colour is fairly neutral, it can go with so many outfits. This piece is the perfect addition to my summer wardrobe.

Would you make a necklace like this to wear? Let me know what you think of mine!

xo, tess.

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  1. earthchanges says:

    Crystals not only look pretty they can heal you and raise your vibration, love and light C.

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