Toronto One of a Kind Show Recap

After living in Toronto for nearly 7 years, I finally made it to the One of a Kind Show! Im really glad that we finally went, and were able to see the amazing things that all of these artisans were creating. There were a couple of booths that we especially loved, and even purchased things from!

We ended up going on the Wednesday, which was a good night to go because it wasn’t actually too busy yet. We were actually able to get a good look at a lot of the products and talk to some of the people who created them. It was funny walking around to the booths with Tash, because we had seen some of the vendors before at different shows around the city. Tash even had jewellery from a couple of the vendors already!

I didn’t know that there was a food section, so I was delighted to find people selling all kinds of sweet treats, sauces, and macarons. I was in heaven. I also managed to pick up something for my dad in the food area for his upcoming birthday!

About the Show

The One of a Kind Show is an annual sale and show that brings together the best in Canadian handmade goods. The show has been around since 1975 and takes place bi-annually at Christmas and in the Spring. This Spring, the show runs from Wednesday Mach 23rd - Sunday March 27th down at the Enercare Centre in Exhibition Place.

How to Get There & Tickets

It was a bit out of our way to get to the One of a Kind Show, but it’s well worth it if you like quality handmade goods and foods. Given that we don’t drive in the city, Tash and I took the TTC to the show. We were coming from midtown, so we took the subway to King and then got on the westbound streetcar to Strachan Avenue. Once at Strachan, it’s just a short walk south to the entrance to the show. Took a little while, but it’s a trip that’s fairly easy to navigate.

As metro pass holders, Tash and I got in for 50% off the ticket price on Wednesday night. They also had a special ladies night on the Thursday, but I think tickets for that sell out pretty quickly, so plan accordingly for next year. They also have a feature where you ca get a re-entrance ticket for free when you leave. This is a great option if you need to think about buying something first and want to sleep on it for a night!

Favourite Vendors at the One of a Kind Show

  1. Coal and Canary
    They have the most AMAZING smelling candles, and the prettiest packaging! Their new Spring 2016 collection caught my eye immediately with the muted cream and gold colours. The adorable names don’t hurt either. At first I thought that the candle was just called peach pie, but then I realized it was called “Peach Pies and Cute French Guys” and I literally laughed out loud. The wicks are also made from cedar, so the candle sounds like a crackling fire when it burns! The candles are hand poured from soy wax and are made in Canada - which I love! You can find all of their amazing candles here.
  2. Hinkleville This booth had the cutest collection of handmade ceramics! There were quite a few pieces that I wanted, but they were a bit out of my price range. The small face pots had succulents in them that Tash and I were both dying to buy - they were quite possibly one of the most adorable things I had ever seen, and so different than a plain old pot! Her Etsy shop can be found here, but you may have to get down to the show to buy some of the face pots!

  3. AG Macarons
    I wasn’t expecting there to be food at the show, but I was delighted to find that there was. I have been craving macarons for weeks, so I was thrilled when we came upon the macaron booth by Anet Gesualdi. I didn’t hesitate for a second, and picked up 6 flavours to try. I got toasted coconut, chocolate mint, dark chocolate raspberry, pistachio, mini egg, and chocolate hazelnut. They were good macarons and the shells were nicely cooked. They were a bit light on the filling though, and I found that there wasn’t much cookie to them. Not to say that they were hollow, but they just weren’t as thick as some other macarons that I’ve had. Still delicious, though! They have two Toronto locations. More info can be found here on their website. 
  4. Flowerpot Designs
    This vendor at the One of a Kind Show made the coolest knit cacti in clay pots, along with knit baby booties. These were such a great idea, and would be amazing for people who always kill plants, or who don’t have enough light in their space for real plants! When Tash and I went over to her booth, the owner was there talking to another customer while knitting with 4 needles, and she wasn’t even looking at it! I can hardly watch TV while I’m knitting for fear of screwing up my pattern. The cacti come in a variety of shapes and colours, with different terra cotta pot colours as well. You can check out her website below to see her wide range of products. I also love the clever slogan on her business cards.
  5. So Hot Sauce

    Tash and I stopped by this booth to get a hot sauce for my dad for his birthday. He always complains that he can never find one hot enough, so for a couple birthdays now, I’ve tried to buy him some different ones to try. The hot sauces are made in Bowmanville, Ontario. Since my dad is a big fan of Canadian made products, I knew that he would like that aspect, even if the sauce didn’t turn out to be the hottest that he had ever tried. The woman who was helping us also noted that the sauces have a lot of flavour besides just heat. They work to enhance the flavours of the food instead of just boarding your mouth with fire. I got my dad the Mistress hot sauce, since it was suppose to be the hottest. Here’s to hoping that he likes it! You can find their entire line of sauces here.

I hope you get a chance to make it down to the One of a Kind Show to check out all of the other amazing vendors! P.S there were also some food trucks there, and I’m pretty sure that I saw a girl walking around with what looked like Butter Chicken Poutine!

As for me, I can’t wait to burn my candle and pretend like I’m in front of the fire!


xo, tess.

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  1. Candy kage says:

    If I ever get a chance I would love to attend. Looks like you found some great finds and had fun

  2. Totally want those peach candles! Absolute obsession! Are they only available in Canada?


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