Valentines Day Treat Ticket DIY

If your boyfriend is anything like mine, then you never know what to buy him for any occasion. He never wants anything, and then if by some miracle he does, it’s something expensive that you’ve never heard of or can afford. For me, I’ve found that the holidays, like Valentines Day, where you would buy the person something small is even harder. I didn’t want to just bail and get him chocolate because I wanted something a little more personal.

After a few days of thinking, I realized that Nick is always asking me to bake him things. Being a baker, this seems like it would be no problem, but I don’t always want to have treats around the house all the time (because I would eat most of them), so I don’t usually even have ingredients like chocolate or extra butter on hand.

So keeping in mind that he always asked for baked goods, and that I needed to get him a present, I decided that I could kill two birds with one stone and make him “treat tickets” for Valentines Day. So my thinking was that if he goes to cash one in, I have to say yes to making the treat, pretty much no matter what.

Overall, it took me about an hour and a half to draw and colour the tickets, and I think that he’ll really like them. I made 6 of them, 5 with different desserts that I know he likes, and one that says “Anything else your little hear desires”, so he can pick any other kind of baked treat that he wants, or can repeat one that’s been done already.

So all I did to make these tickets was:

  1. use a sheet of bristol paper, which is kind of like a thicker card stock, and draw 6 rectangles that measure about 2×5″ each.
  2. Cut out the rectangles with an exacto knife on a cutting mat.
  3. I then drew different borders around each of the tickets
  4. After the borders were done, I drew the words and some images on each of the tickets and tweaked them until I liked the layoutValentines Day Treat Tickets Valentines Day Treat Tickets
  5. Once that was done, I used my Copic markers and a gold Martha Stewart marker to colour the tickets.  I will say that if you are using a gold marker, you should use that last, because if you try to go over the gold marker with your regular markers, it will smudge. I learned that the hard way.

Overall I think this was a really cute and easy Valentines Day project that Nick will love. You could also customize these tickets to whatever your talent is, they don’t have to be for treats.

Valentines Day Treat Tickets Valentines Day Treat Tickets Valentines Day Treat Tickets Valentines Day Treat Tickets Valentines Day Treat Tickets Valentines Day Treat Tickets

I’d love to hear if you’ve made anything like this for your significant other, or if you would try making them as a last minute Valentines Day present!


xo, tess.

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