2 DIY Kitchen & Bathroom Organization Ideas

I’ve got two cute and easy DIY’s for you today! Nothing ground-breaking, but they just add a little bit more visual appeal to how you store things. I’m sprucing up my spice jar and bathroom storage containers, but feel free to use these ideas in other areas of your home as well. Sometimes, it’s the little things that count, right? Exactly.

So for my spice jar DIY, I just bought a bunch of the small glass jars with a white screw on lid from the dollar store. For years, I just had the name of the spice written on the top of the lid in permanent marker. It has since faded and taken on a purple kind of colour. Ick.

DIY Spice Jar Organization

I had been thinking about making my own chalk board labels, but when I saw 36 of them for only $4, I couldn’t say no. I also found a white chalk board marker, which was way more convenient for me than having an entire pack of chalk around that I would probably never go through.

If you’re worried about your writing coming out crooked, you can write out the names on each of the labels before you stick them on the jars. Just be careful when you’re sticking them on as they can smudge.

It’s a very quick and easy  DIY process, but I really loved the result! It’s also a lot easier for me to see the name of the spice on the side of the jar, as opposed to the top, as our cupboards are pretty high. I was also able to use them for a couple other food containers in my cupboard like my popcorn kernels and homemade taco seasoning!

For my second quick DIY, I used some gold spray paint to create a set of 3 glass storage jars to house my cotton balls, cotton pads and q-tips. They are all candle jars from Bath & Body works that I’ve cleaned out and repurposed. P.S, for more repurposing ideas for your old candles, check out my post here!

The one with the gold stripes actually came like that from the store, so I thought in order to make them look like a set, I could simply spray paint the interior of one clear glass jar gold.
DIY Bathroom Organization DIY Bathroom OrganizationNow, I don’t recommend spray painting indoors, but as we just moved into this new place, I wasn’t sure where else to do it. If you have to go this route, make sure that you have a large radius of newspaper or a drop sheet down so that none of the paint gets on the floor/walls. Also, open a window, the fumes are not pleasant!

After two coats of gold spray paint, and some drying time, I was able to fill my jars and display them on the bathroom counter. I think by spray painting the one gold, it really makes them look more cohesive!

DIY Bathroom Organization

Let me know if you would use these simple DIY organizing tricks around your house!

xo, tess

18 responses to “2 DIY Kitchen & Bathroom Organization Ideas”

  1. Brittney says:

    I love these ideas, not only useful but PRETTY!

  2. Lisa Martens says:

    Very cute. Love the spice jars with the labels. So much better than having a bunch of different sized and shaped jars.

  3. Christie says:

    I love these! Those little spice labels are adorable, and I’m really loving copper and gold coloured accents lately! 🙂

    Christie’s Take on Life. x

  4. I just LOVE the bath and body works candle jars! I use them in every bathroom because the size is perfect!

  5. This reminds me that I have to organize my spices! I love the idea of using chalkboard stickers!! You seriously can’t go wrong with gold spray paint! LOL

  6. Allie says:

    These are great ideas, very pinterest worthy 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  7. […] pop of colour. It really complements the watercolour agate slices on the adjacent wall, and the gold & glass jars for our q-tip/cotton […]

  8. Amy Scott says:

    Love it! What is it about containers and labels that make a girl so so happy?! Not to mention how handy they are. I honestly find myself taking more care of my skin/body in the bathroom when everything is on hand like this!

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