Sausage & Goat Cheese Hash

There’s nothing better than settling in to a satisfying breakfast on the weekend. This weekend, that breakfast was a sausage and goat cheese hash that Nick and I cooked up.

Sausage & Goat Cheese Hash

If you love to have a good breakfast hash on the weekend, then you’ll love this version. The tangy goat cheese is  welcome addition to the savoury eggs & sausage on a base of creamy diced potatoes.

It also comes together fairly simply, and all in one pan! We had a sausage and some goat cheese left over from dinner the other night, so the dish was able to come together pretty fast.

Sausage & Goat Cheese Hash


Cooking Time: 20 Minutes

Prep: 5 minutes

Yield: Enough for 2 pretty hungry people


5 small yukon gold potatoes (skin on)

1 tbsp olive oil

1/4 cup water

1 cooked sausage - diced

2 eggs

1/3 small log goat cheese (we used roasted garlic goat cheese)

1tsp salt

1/4 of an avocado - sliced (optional)


  1. dice the potatoes into 1cm cubes. Steam in a covered pan with oil and about 1/4 cup water until soft.
  2. Add the diced sausage and allow it to warm through
  3. Crack the eggs directly into the pan and scramble until cooked
  4. Cut the goat cheese into medallions and arrange them in the pan
  5. Remove from heat and cover for about 5 minutes, or until the goat cheese starts to melt.
  6. Serve alongside your morning coffee & garnish with avocado if desired.

See wasn’t that easy?! You could also use breakfast sausage if you have that on hand. Or even opt for none at all - it will still be tasty and filling.
Sausage & Goat Cheese Hash Sausage & Goat Cheese Hash Sausage & Goat Cheese Hash
Hope you enjoy this quick & delicious breakfast! This, and other variations are now my favourite weekend breakfast options. Let me know your favourite way to make hash!

xo, tess.

10 responses to “Sausage & Goat Cheese Hash”

  1. this looks so good! will definitely have to try it

  2. 113directory says:

    I’ve never ever tried goat cheese before. But for something like this I might have to take the plunge.

  3. Elanor says:

    Oh my goodness, I need to try this!!

  4. This looks amazing I love the colors and the flavors!!!

  5. Cicely says:

    Oh this looks great! And great looking site!!!

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