Macrons from La Boheme

At my last job, I was used to my break going by in the blink of an eye. These days, with the new (ever so boring) office job, I get an hour for lunch which actually leaves me a good amount of time to walk around and explore the area.

I was mainly interested in exploring the small cafes and patisseries around Yonge and Eglinton to find me some macarons.

So far I have tried macarons from 3 places in the area - Thobors, Douce France, and La Boheme. I wouldn’t bother with either of the first two.

The macarons were incredibly cake-like from Douce France, they didn’t have that small crunch of the shell and you could hardly taste the filling. Plus the woman gave me a lemon when I asked for salted caramel. I do always see that their patio is full though, so maybe they make better lunch fare than pastries.

The second place was called Thobors, right on Mount Pleasant just a few block south of Yonge. I had read reviews and they seemed to be all fairly positive. However, when I got my six macarons, all but one of them had extremely hard shells. It made them very crumbly and not very pleasant to eat. The only one that redeemed itself was the salted caramel which was soft and had a shell with a good initial crunch but soft interior. I was also pretty bummed out because I got fig and apricot flavours, both of which I don’t usually get, so I was excited to try them, but unfortunately got let down. I did enjoy the colours of the macarons that I bought though.

Anyways, the third place that I went to, La Boheme, finally had some respectable macarons. It’s essentially two stores over from Douce France, but the macarons are much, much better. As soon as I walked in, I loved the atmosphere. There were plenty of friendly members of staff ready to help me. I only wanted 4 macarons, but the girl behind the counter still made me a nice little brown box to put them in, instead of just throwing them haphazardly in a cellophane bag. I chose salted caramel, hazelnut, rosewater and of course pistachio.

I think the fact that I was able to walk across the street and enjoy my macarons in a park made this a more lovely experience.

I started with the salted caramel macaron which is the purple one in the picture above. It threw me off a bit at first because it was purple, but the flavour made up for it. The cookie had a nice texture with a lovely tasting caramel. It could have been a tad saltier, but overall I was happy with the taste.

The next one I dug into was the rosewater. It had a really nice rosewater taste, and it wasn’t too weak like previous ones that I’ve tried. There was also a lot of rosewater buttercream in the middle, which I really liked. A lot of filling in a macaron is my weakness.

Next up was hazelnut. The buttercream inside had a slight green colour, which also threw me off a little bit. The flavour of the hazelnuts was nice, but slightly too subtle for me. The cookie was also a bit chewier than I would have liked.

Lastly, I had my favourite, the pistachio macaron. It had a perfect texture with a really good amount of filling and no weird colours! My only issue with the buttercream in the middle was that it tasted very much like pistachio pudding, so there was a slightly artificial taste about it. It seemed like they didn’t use pistachio paste but maybe opted to use pudding mix instead? Regardless, it was still my favourite of the bunch!

Overall, I was quite happy with the macarons from La Boheme, and I would definitely go back to try some different flavours!

Have you ever had macarons from La Boheme? What did you think? Let me know!

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