Nom Nom Chocolate Fudge Brownies

As a farewell to my month of freedom from work, I made these brownies yesterday for my boyfriend and myself. I wanted a really fudge chocolatey brownie with a perfectly crunchy top, and that is exactly what I got. When I first took them out of the oven, I thought that they were way too thin. But after they cooled, they were still the perfect texture, and ended up being a nice small treat as opposed to a gigantic filling dessert. I loved that these brownies were just pure chocolatey goodness. Sometimes I like to mix it up and add some nuts or chunky chopped chocolate, but for today, I decided to be a purist. I used this recipe here that I found on pinterest.


The only thing that I changed was the cooking time. It may be that my oven isn’t as powerful, but I ended up having to cook them for 50 minutes in total. They probably could have even gone for a little longer if you like your brownie a little less fudgy in the middle.


Look at those perfectly crispy tops. I couldn’t have dreamed that they would have come out looking any better.

Nom nom nom.

The brownies were done about 4 hours ago and they are already half gone. Also, they only make an 8×8 pan, so you don’t have to feel completely terrible about making a batch!

The brownies would also go really well with a nice scoop of vanilla bean ice-cream. Or, blend them with the ice cream and some milk for a decadent brownie blizzard type treat!

I highly recommend you give these lovely chocolate fudge brownies a try!


Let me know what you think, or tell me what you would add to make them into your ideal brownie!

- tess

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