Macarons from Mon K

Given that I quit my job last week, I now have a great deal of time to run about town trying all the macarons this city has to offer. Today, I hit up Mon K Patisserie. It’s a small little patisserie located on Coxwell avenue, just south of O’Connor. My boyfriend and I discovered it about a month ago while en route to dinner. I found that they had French macarons aka my favourite dessert, and was determined to go try them.

Today, that day finally came.

I walked over and once I got there, I found that they carry six flavours of macarons. Yuzu, chocolate banana, raspberry, earl grey, green tea and salted caramel. I was surprised to find no vanilla, pistachio or chocolate, but was actually glad because it forced me to try flavours that I wouldn’t normally. I got one of each except for the banana (not my fav) and proceeded to carry them home. I stopped about half way to sit on a park bench and take this fab photo and then carried on my merry way.

I opened them as soon as I got home and the first one I tried was the raspberry. I was pleasantly surprised. The texture of the cookie was PERFECT. The small crunch as I bit through the outer layer of the shell, combined with the texture of the cookie melded with chocolate raspberry filling made for one damn fine macaron. Next was the earl grey, and OMG was it authentic tasting! I literally felt like I was sipping a cup of earl grey tea, the flavour was so good. The green tea came in along the same lines with a really authentic matcha taste that instantly reminded me of my favourite sushi place. The Yuzu was also good, but had a chocolatey kind of filling which I’m not crazy about when it’s been mixed with citrus. Lastly, there was the salted caramel which did have a fairly nice flavour, but was ever so slightly bitter at the end.

Overall, they had nice little feet, a good amount of filling, and perfectly baked shells. I would definitely go back again, if only to get more of the raspberry and earl grey ones!


Above is an up close and personal shot of the to-die-for earl grey macaron. Please also note how nicely done my nails are.

So head on over to Mon K, you won’t be dissapointed!

xo, tess.

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