Must Try Macarons from Nadege

I think it’s safe to say I’ve become a bit of a macaron snob.

There are a few places in the city that I still have to try (Laduree!!), but I’m definitely very opinionated about my favourites.

Nadge is one of the first macarons that I tried here in Toronto and it remains in my top 5. While it’s not at #1 in my mind, the macarons are still a must try.

Don’t get me wrong, the macarons are incredibly good and the decor and ambience of their Queen West location are gorgeous. However, whenever I’ve gotten macarons from there, I always end up with a box that’s not quite perfect. I’ve had a couple hollow macarons or some that are too hard or don’t have enough flavour.

I will say though, that Nadege has updated their packaging for the macarons and that it’s MUCH better than what they used to use a few years ago. When I went in back in 2012, my six macarons were packaged in a cellophane bag. Today, they have a pretty pink box that they get packaged in, which I love. It’s bright, fun and different than the traditional long rectangular boxes that you usually get macarons in.

The Macarons

Now, back to the macarons themselves. I usually go with the classics when I buy macarons with the exception of one or two choices. Pistachio is always a must as it’s my favourite flavour of anything. The flavour on this macaron could have been a bit bolder though as the nuttiness didn’t come through quite as much as I would have liked.

On this particular trip, I also bought salted caramel, rose water (another classic fav), raspberry matcha, mont blanc and I believe the last one was strawberry champagne.

The raspberry matcha was very good with bold flavour. I wasn’t exactly sure what the Mont Blanc one was, but it was a bit too hard for my liking. The salted caramel is very good, but I tend to prefer actual salted caramel in the macaron as opposed to a salted caramel buttercream. Overall, the rest of the macarons were very good. Aside from the small flaws that I found when I purchased macarons from Nadege, I still think they’re a great place to buy from. While you’re in there, check out the other cakes and sandwiches that they have on sale as well! I’d definitely recommend trying the macarons from Nadege if you’re in the area! As a bonus, you can take them to go and sit and indulge in Trinity Bellwoods park if the weather is nice! I’ve done that once or twice 😉

Have you ever been to Nadege? What do you think of their macarons? Let me know!


xo, Tess.

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