Goodbye Long Locks

I recently decided that a good chunk of my hair needed to come off. Now, when I say recently, what I really mean is that about a month and a half ago, I was having a couple weeks of bad hair days with my very long, kind of thin hair, and decided it needed to be chopped off. So I started looking at photos of what I might want, and got my friends opinions. I decided that, yes, I definitely needed to cut my hair.

Then, I went to a party for my boyfriends uncle and had a really great hair day. Like, a hair day so great you should check it out here. I waved my hair into perfect long mermaid waves that cascaded all the way down to my waist. Not one wave was out of place.This day, I loved my excessively long hair; so I thought, this isn’t so bad, do I really need to cut it? I decided on no, and carried on with my long locks.

Last week Monday was the final straw. I washed and blow-dried my hair to wear it down and it was just a mess. It was so long that it tangled and knotted while I was trying to blow dry it, and when I finally got it done, it just hung there like a limp, lifeless, dry mop made up entirely of split ends. Something snapped in me and I just knew that it was time to chop it off. I then texted my hair dresser and made an appointment to cut it. No turning back now.

It’s funny because I just realized the other day that literally every time I want to change my hair, I go through this yes-no-yes process. It’s probably because every time I’ve cut my hair short, I don’t end up liking it. Thankfully this time was different. Probably because my hairdresser, Sandra, is AMAZING.

So I saw her on Thursday, and she chopped it and I LOVE it. But before we take a look at the after, here is what my hair looked like pre-chopping:

And this is the amazing after result:

Even before we washed it, Sandra took off about 6 inches of hair, and immediately, it looked WAY healthier. She gave me beautiful balayage hair back in June, but it was starting to get very dry on the ends because of the bleaching, so getting rid of those split ends was wonderful.

After washing, she cut it wet, then blow dried it, thinned it out a lot more, and then straightened it and touched it up with more cutting and texturizing. I ended up with the most beautifully blended layers and pieces that framed my face perfectly. My hair now feels SO soft and looks so much healthier! I couldn’t be happier with it.

I had to take the photos myself after work today, because I was too excited to wait for my boyfriend to come home and do it, but I think you can still get a sense of how different my hair is now!

Clearly, even my very regal cat, Severus, loves it.

Consider giving your hair a good chop & hopefully you’ll fall in love like I did!

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