angean is a lifestyle blog geared towards the creative, culinary minded individual with a passion for DIY.

I’m Tess and I’m the owner here at angean! I’m based out of Toronto, Ontario where I live with my cat Seva. About Angean

About Angean

Seva & I


I won’t lie. It took a long time for me to get here and actually start the blog.

First, I was a men’s wear designer at a company here in Toronto. It was my first “real” job straight out of Ryerson, where I graduated with a bachelor’s of design. After a few months, I started to hate the job, and decided I would do something that I had always loved – baking.

Turns out, the baking wasn’t exactly for me either; what with the early morning, low pay and exhausting work.

However, it was during that time that I really started to hone in on the idea of creating a blog. I now had the design and the baking experience to be able to write knowledgeable posts that would benefit my readers. The one thing that was holding me back (aside from not having the time) was having a good name.

I debated a number of things initially, but didn’t want to pick something that would eventually pigeonhole me should I decide to branch out into other areas.

After a lot of debating, I decided on a name that was personal, meaningful, and completely made up.




The name “angean” is actually an amalgamation of both of my grandmothers names – Angeline and Jeanne. I think it works well because most of my interests, which make up the content of the blog were inspired, and nurtured by them.

My Nonnie inspired my love of cooking, baking and all things culinary. Through her I learned that great food comes from hard work in your own kitchen – not from a box, and certainly not from McDonald’s.

About Angean

My Nonnie

My Nanny inspired my love of all things creative. She was amazing at basically any hand craft, especially ones involving yarn or thread, as well as painting. Through her, I learned the beauty and satisfaction of making something with your own hands.

About Angean

My Nanny

I spent a lot of time with my grandmothers (as well as the rest of my family) when I was young, and am incredibly grateful that they were able to inspire and instill their talents in me.

The result is what you see here on the blog! It’s a mix of DIY projects that I create for my home, sewing and fashion projects, recipes and meal ideas, plus some travel inspiration.

I hope you are as inspired by my posts as I was by my grandmothers, and thank you so much for reading 🙂



xo, tess.